Ink sealing rubber plug | Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges
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Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges

Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges
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T-shaped rubber plugs seal filling holes in your cartridge. T-shaped, gives this plug ability to seal most of the filling holes. And soft rubber guarantees secure sealing.
Buy as much rubber plugs as you need! Shown price is per each rubber plug.

Money saving tips and information:

You can save on refill accessories for inkjet refills.
Ink refill accessories

For repeat refill users, buying loose ink refill accessories can save our customers even more costs. If you've already bought and used one of our Inkjet Refill Kits, all you need to continue refilling your inkjet cartridges is inkjet refill accessories that include: injector kits, plugs, chip resetters (such as Canon Resetters, Epson Resetters, HP Resetters etc). The resetters are used to reset chips on cartridges that require a new or resetted chip in order to be accepted as a refilled cartridge in the printer. Also available are inkjet refill accessories such as Rubber Plugs, Tape Dots, Refill clips, inkjet cartridge steamers (for professional refillers), bottom fillers, cartridge caps and more.

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Printer Care

  • Always remove cartridge from printer before refilling. (See manufacturer's instructions for assistance.)
  • Do not place hands inside printer until the head has come to a resting position.
  • Do not force head or move head by hand. (See manufacturer's instructions for assistance.)
  • Occasionally, you may wish to test the quality of your print cartridges. Please see our Printer Test Page for assistance.

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I have refilled my Epson printer cartridge (black only) and it's working GREAT! I estimate I will save about $130 using your refill kit for my black cartridges. I will use your other refill kit when my color cartridge dies and see how well that works. I expect it will do a great job as well and save me even more money. Thanks again.
A S. J