Ink sealing rubber plug | Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges
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Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges

Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges
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T-shaped rubber plugs seal filling holes in your cartridge. T-shaped, gives this plug ability to seal most of the filling holes. And soft rubber guarantees secure sealing.
Buy as much rubber plugs as you need! Shown price is per each rubber plug.

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Cartridge Care

  • When handling cartridges, do not touch ink surfaces, contacts or metallic parts.
  • To help avoid the need for a cartridge replacement and/or leakage, do not allow cartridge to remain empty for more than 2 consecutive weeks. For best results, refill cartridge before it empties.
  • Be careful to fill ink into the appropriate chamber. See cartridge-specific instructions for help identifying proper cartridge and/or chamber. For additional confirmation, insert syringe into cartridge and draw a small amount of ink into the chamber for visual inspection. NOTE: Magenta refers to red and Cyan refers to blue.
  • Do not over-fill cartridges. It is always best to under-fill in order to avoid leakage. If necessary, draw a small amount of ink out of the cartridge once it is full.
  • NEVER insert a leaky or dripping cartridge into your printer. If you notice leakage or dripping, you may wish to draw additional ink from the cartridge by re-inserting the needle and slowly pulling the plunger. If ink continues to expel from the cartridge, place the cartridge on its side so that the outlet or print head is not touching any surface. Leave the cartridge for up-to one hour and check for additional leakage.
  • Store unused cartridges in a sealed plastic back or air-tight container at room temperature. Rotate unused cartridges to keep them from drying out.
  • Do not store used cartridge for extended periods.

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I received my Vilserv Black Refill Kit with BONUS this morning and thought it appropriate to drop you an email-thank you! What service, and I think I will make quite a saving using refill ink instead of complete cartridges. I will be recommending you to a lot of friends and family.
Once again, Thank You!
Sarah Weindling, US, Ohio