Ink sealing rubber plug | Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges
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Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges

Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges
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T-shaped rubber plugs seal filling holes in your cartridge. T-shaped, gives this plug ability to seal most of the filling holes. And soft rubber guarantees secure sealing.
Buy as much rubber plugs as you need! Shown price is per each rubber plug.

Money saving tips and information:

Our refill accessories are a great complement for those that can get enough of them, or have just purchased Bulk Ink and need the tools to successfully refill empty cartridges.
Cartridge and Print Head Cleaner

If your Ink Cartridges have been dry for long time chances are they are now clog, our Cartridge and Print Head Cleaner will help you remove any dry ink and prolong the life of your cartridge.

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Model-Specific Cartridge Care

  • Refilled cartridges with integrated print heads should be gently cleaned with a small amount of print head cleaner before storing. Print head cleaner can be applied using a soft paper towel. Repeat this step before using stored cartridges in order to remove any dried ink from the print head surface. (See cartridge-specific instructions to determine if your cartridge has an integrated print head.)
  • Many Epson cartridges will require an application of clear adhesive tape sealing the ink outlet when inserted into the printer. (See cartridge-specific instructions to determine if this applies to your Epson cartridge.) In such cases, a good tight seal is required in order for the printer to recognize the new cartridge and to properly draw ink into the print head. Once inserted, the head will puncture the seal.
  • Hewlett Packard and Lexmark cartridges use a white sponge. The sponge should still appear white once the cartridge has been filled. If it is not, it has been overfilled. Re-insert the syringe and draw a small amount of ink from the cartridge. Repeat as necessary until the sponge appears white.

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I have been using your toner kits for about 8 months. They have been working just fine. We can save 40 to 80 dollars per cartridge that I refill, depending on make and model of printer. I also have tried putting your toner into cartridges that are not listed on your compatibility chart with good success. Thanks for the great service.
Steve Michel