Ink sealing rubber plug | Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges
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Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges

Rubber Plug for Inkjet Cartridges
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T-shaped rubber plugs seal filling holes in your cartridge. T-shaped, gives this plug ability to seal most of the filling holes. And soft rubber guarantees secure sealing.
Buy as much rubber plugs as you need! Shown price is per each rubber plug.

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Ink Care and Safety

  • Always refill over an easy to clean surface. Spillage can cause permanent surface stains.
  • Attach needle to syringe. Use needle to carefully puncture ink-seal. Pull plunger slowly to fill syringe to desired quantity. (See cartridge-specific instructions for appropriate quantity.
  • Always close bottle immediately and securely with original cap.
  • Wipe exterior of bottles clean before storing to avoid stains.
  • Syringe and needle can be cleaned by drawing warm water into the syringe and slowly using the plunger to expel water. Point needle away from eyes or mouth and avoid splashing. Repeat as necessary until expelled water is clear. Always clean the syringe and needle as described before filling each color.
  • Store bottles and syringe securely out of the reach of children and pets.

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